Hyderabad is fast becoming one of the IT hubs of India. More and more IT organization are setting up their development centers here and the population of Information Technology professionals is growing tremendously.
Considering this, the UPA Hyderabad should serve as the leading professional society for specialists and professionals in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Usability in Hyderabad as well as Andhra Pradesh. This also includes sociologists, anthropologists/ethnographers, psychologists, user assistance, Documentation / Technical writers, students, researchers, academics, and anyone in industry or academia who has an interest in Human-Computer Interaction, Usability Engineering, User Interface Design, Interaction Design, etc.

Chapter Goals

  • To form a close knit community of Usability professionals, User Interface designers, Human factors engineers, researchers and students
  • To promote collaboration and sharing of knowledge between UI Designer, Developers, Product Managers, Technical Writers and Quality assurance.
  • To provide a platform for interaction among the community and share information about the techniques and methodologies in the profession
  • To promote awareness of Usability and User centered design among peers in the industry through meetings, conventions and training


Activity 1: Web Site
Brief description: The web site will be updated to describe the following for the members and public:

  • Hyderabad UPA organizational Goals and Objectives
  • HCI and Usability related resources and links to local community activities
  • Compilation of published articles and presentations by members of the local community and leading UPA members
  • Notice Boards for local activities and international events
  • Discussion forum & Job Board

Activity 2: Hyderabad UX meets 
Proposed date of activity: At least once a month. We have already started this activity informally at Hyderabad.Brief description of activity: It will serve as a monthly forum for the following

  • One presentation/case study on topics related to Usability and HCI
  • Discuss issues related to profession of Usability and HCI in context to IT Industry in Hyderabad/AP
  • Discuss/plan next months activities

Activity 3: HCI Café Meet ups
Proposed date of activity: At least once a month.
Brief description of activity: This will be an informal meet of close group of existing organizers and new usability evangelists who want to manage UPA hyderabad activities. This group will discuss new ideas of spreading usability in local community and companies.

Activity 4: Workshops
Proposed date of activity: At least three workshops in a year
Brief description of activity:This will introduce the best practices and the industry wide standards to the large number of usability and HCI professionals without formal HCI Studies.   The topics of the workshop will be related to the HCI and Usability in Practice, Directions and any relevant and critical topics, which are suggested during our monthly meetings. The speaker/trainer will be invited from various related IT and Education organizations.

Activity 5: World usability Day
Proposed date of activity:14, Nov
Brief description of activity: Extending the the success of the last year’s world usability day celebration by UMO,

Activity 6: UPA International Conference at Hyderabad (IUX)
Proposed date of activity: At least once a year
Brief description of activity:The professionals and educationist related to the field of HCI and usability will be invited to speak and present their experience in the form of presentations, case studies, tutorials etc. This conference will be open to public for participation. We plan to invite papers and tutorials from the public on decided topic periodically, in the future.

Activity 7: Collaborate with Educational Institutes
Proposed date of activity: Already started this at organizational level by the members at Oracle India with National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad and Industrial Design Center, Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai., IIT Guwahati. Osmania University, Hyderabad.
Brief description of activity: There is wide gap between the recruitment need and the qualified professionals coming out of the Indian education system. The design and IT curriculum offered by the institutes does not really map to the skills and exposure requirement of the industry.
Our initiative focuses to influence the curriculum of these institutes related to Design and IT to include requirement of usability and HCI profession. This will help in generating the skilled professionals to meet the growing recruitment needs of the IT industry in India. This will also help establish usability and HCI as formal educational discipline in the Indian education system.

Recently members visited to IIT Guwahati on 14th May and IIT Mumbai on 24th May 2006

Have some views on these activities or want to suggest new activities.?